Stamati Company

The Stamati company is managed by the same family and is mainly active in the cultivation of vineyards and winemaking, also offering tourist experiences. Their production is based on artisanal methods, such as pressing with the traditional press, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of their wines. Among their main products there are pure Sangiovese, Gaglioppo, Magliocco and Malvasia.


Goditi la bellezza dei nostri vigneti attraverso passeggiate, trekking e pic-nic in vigna. Ogni scusa è buona per apprezzare con calma l’atmosfera unica del luogo, osservare l’evolversi dei grappoli e catturare la magia di una coccinella che riposa tra le viti o un cielo azzurro tra il fogliame.


Very versatile wine, excellent for aperitifs and structured land dishes with a good presence of fat, first courses with meat sauce, red meats, soups (including seafood), mature cheeses, cured meats and game.